CE Projects launches new flush rinse system

Shropshire-based pollution control specialist CE Projects has launched a new parlour flush system.

Designed for collecting yards, return races and handling areas, the system is claimed to reduce the task of cleaning after milking to a matter of seconds.

Water from milking equipment, tank washings and even barn roofs is collected in a header tank and then distributed through a pipeline laid underground, with pop-up valves located at ground level. When the valves are opened, the flush heads rise up and the surge of water sweeps the waste away from the areas to be cleaned.

The system is economical and easy to use, says the company, with minimal attention and no routine maintenance. It adds that the development came about because farmers were investing in bigger buildings to cut milking hours but were then spending up to double the time washing them out.

With new milk and dairy regs and cross-compliance, it adds, it is vital to have milking areas kept as clean as possible.

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