Cereals 2010: Danagri offers GSI grain driers

Drier and grainstore equipment company Danagri took over the UK import of US-made GSI grain driers this year and was showing the latest version of the firm’s horizontal drier.

This is a modular design that comes in sizes that range from a small portable drier to a fixed, three-high stack of units for big grainstores.

This 12/16 model holds 10t of grain and should manage 12-15t/hr throughput, taking corn from 19% to 14.5%.

GSI’s new Vision control pack (with big touchscreen display) automates the process, allowing farmers to set the desired moisture content and then leave the machine to automatically alter speed to achieve that. Cost of this machine is £40,000 to £45,000.

The unit can be ordered in road-legal form. In fact the first machine is due to go to a Co Durham contractor who plans to move it between two grain stores.

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