Chillton’s new MX bale handlers deal with round and square bales

The latest range of French-made MX bale handlers from Cannock firm Chillton range include units for handling both round and square bales.

  • The V40 carries and stacks a single round bale and can rotate it through almost 180°. It can also be fitted with two long forward-pointing spikes at the bottom of the frame to take the weight of large square bales. The V40 can also be used for handling wrapped bales.
  • The V50 operates in the same way but has a vertical mast. The grab carriage is held in the lower or upper position by a simple cam. Gently pushing the end of the mast against a bale releases the cam and crowding or tipping the carriage slides the grab to the new position. A further hydraulic service is not required.
  • The V500, meanwhile, stacks round bales five high but can also handle two round bales at a time or (with long lifting tines in place) three large square bales.
  • The Manubal W500 is smilar but has a pair of independently-operated grabs. It’s said to be ideal for collecting scattered bales in the field as the bale already in the grab doesn’t have to be released before the second is lifted.
  • The V6000 fits on telehandlers and holds three round bales or (with three horizontal lifting tines fitted) four square bales.

The new handlers all have a synchronised grab system that closes and opens the tines on opposite sides equally, so bales don’t shift once put in position.

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