Choice of bale grab/slicers that keep hold of the plastic wrap

Fed up with having to wrestle the plastic wrap and netting off silage bales?

There are now two clever grab/slice units on the market that will pick up the bale, slice through it and retain the plastic, all without human intervention.

Irish firm Tanco was the first into the market at last year’s Grassland UK event with its £2800 Bale Shear. This grips the net and plastic wrap while at the same time slicing the bale in half, meaning operators no longer have to get out of the cab to remove the wrap.

At last week’s Cavan Machinery Show fellow Irish company Moreway was showing its £2564 Bale Slice for achieving the same goal. It works in a different way, with the top jaw fixed and the lower one closing upwards, while the plastic is held by a cam mechanism. Both look like great, low-cost ways to save a lot of hassle.

| You can see videos of both of them on the Tanco and Moreway websites.