Claas replaces Celtis tractors with new Axos range

Claas has replaced its sub-100hp Celtis tractors with the new Axos models.

The four tractors – called the 310, 320, 330 and 340 – have power ratings of 75hp, 87hp, 92hp and 102hp respectively.

Big, high-tech tractors may grab the headlines, but the company says 90% of its tractor sales across Europe are in the 75hp-100hp power band. It also points out the new range is aimed at arable as well as stock farmers.

claas axos + drill

There are three different spec levels – C, CL and CX versions. C is the most basic, CL is mid-spec and CX is top-spec. All inherit the family look that characterises other Claas tractor ranges.

With a wheelbase of 2.48m, these are fairly long tractors for the hp category. That provides a useful degree of stability when loaders are used – but not at the expense of manoeuvrability, says the manufacturer.

Whereas Deere Power Systems engines were fitted to the Celtis range, Axos models get a four-cylinder Perkins 1104D-44TA (pdf) engine with 4.4-litre capacity, a mechanical injection system and two-valves-per-cylinder head. All four engines are turbocharged, with the two biggest ones also getting intercooling, and exhaust gas recirculation is fitted to enable them to meet the Tier 3 emissions regs.

claas axos + loader

Claas says the Perkins units offer a constant power band over a wide engine speed range with up to 45% torque back-up. It adds that fuel efficiency is comparable with the Tier 2 Deere engines used in the Celtis tractors.

Three transmission options are available. Axos C models have a 40 kph mechanical two-range, 10 x 10 box with six of the 10 speeds within the 6-15kph range. There is an option for a mechanical splitter for 20 x 20 gear ratios.

Axos CL models also have the 10 x 10 box but also get Claas’s Revershift electro-hydraulic reverser for clutchless directional changes. For those who dislike using the clutch pedal, there is also a de-clutching button on the gear stick which can be used when changing gears.

Top-end Axos CX models, meanwhile, are equipped with the Twinshift system which provides a 20 x 20 transmission and uses a button-operated electro-hydraulic splitter and the Revershift system. The CX can also be fitted with a creeper range which takes speeds down to a snail-like 400m/an hour.

Axos tractor range 

 Model  Axos 310 Axos 320 Axos 330 Axos 340
 Hp  75 87 92 102
 Hydraulic linkage (kg)  4200 4200 4200 5100


  • C models 10 x 10, 40kph
  • CL models 10 x 10 with Revershift
  • CX models 20 x 20 Twinshift with ReverserWheel base 2.48m between wheel centres
Turning angle 55deg

Maximum lift capacity at the ball ends for the range-topping assister-ram-aided 340 is 5100kg. For the other three models, maximum lift capacity is rated at 4200kg. A Bosch pump produces an oil flow of 60 litres/minute at a maximum pressure of 180bar (2610psi) and up to three zero-leak spool valves can be fitted for external hydraulic power.

On the pto front, up to three speeds – 540, 540E and 1000rpm – are available, all using a new design of interchangeable shaft.

The cab seems spacious, too, with plenty of room for a passenger and controls that are well placed without becoming cluttered. The front-opening one-piece doors can be pinned open, too, to allow swift access for those who need to embark and disembark at regular intervals.

There are two types of cab: the Axos C and CL get a low-profile cab with 2.5m clearance height while the CX cab has 15cm more height and a cab roof with a glass panel. The CX also has air conditioning and an air suspension seat.

claas axos + drill 2

Claas reckons half of the Axos tractors will be used with loaders and purchasers have three loader models to choose from. Versions with capacities of up to 2190kg to a height of 4m are available.

It hopes the new range will appeal to a range of customers from small livestock farms through to larger mixed farms, and boost its UK sales from about 1000 last year to 1200 this year. The overall aim of the company is to achieve an 8% UK tractor market share.