Claydon adds a 3m version of Hybrid Drill

Suffolk drill maker Claydon says it will be showing a 3m fixed-width version of its Hybrid drill at Cereals in June. The company already makes 4m, 4.8m and 6m Hybrid drills and has had considerable sales success.

The 3m version uses the same patented two-tine technique as the Claydon V-Drill and SR-Drill. This strip tillage technique removes sub-seeding zone compaction, says the company, and creates individual drainage for each band of seed and the ideal growing environment for the crop.

Trash clearance is said to be good, thanks to a staggered tine arrangement, and users can drill into large quantities of chopped straw. It also features shear bolt and a hydraulic breakback options.

The new versions will use the Sulky MS seeding unit with Ultron electronics giving +/-10% seed rate adjustment on the move. The electronically driven Accord metering and RDS Artemis system used on the larger drills (with radar, full mapping capabilities and +/- 5% manual seed rate adjustment on the move) may be available as an option too.

Claydon also now offers a straw harrow designed to be used pre-drilling to aid the growth of weeds ahead of spraying.

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