Clever nozzle system from Altek

Lincolnshire spray specialist Altek has announced it’s to begin distributing the new Smart Nozzle.

First designed in partnership with US company Harrison Ag Technologies in 2005, it’s the second generation of a nozzle control system that now uses an Android tablet for a more user-friendly control screen.

Using GPS tracking and mapping, the system controls individual nozzles on the boom to minimise over-spray and improve efficiency.

The nozzle-and-pump expert reckons up to 20% chemical savings can be achieved thanks to accurate application and says that the solanoid-controlled nozzles could pay for themselves within a year.

The smart nozzle can be retrofitted to most sprayers without the need to change the spray controller or lines and it can work with any GPS system. Should GPS signal be lost, the smart nozzle system will immediately revert to the conventional sprayer mode to allow spraying to continue.

For more information visit the Altek stand SS106 at next month’s Cereals event.

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