Clever snow plough for pickups launched

The snow may have finally gone away but if you don’t have a telehandler or tractor to call on next time it hits, TBR Accessories might have the answer. It’s a retro-fit snow plough that can be attached to almost any four-wheel drive car or pickup and was spotted at last week’s Commercial Vehicle Show.

The contour-following Snoway carries its own hydraulically driven motor on board. It can be bolted on in just under two hours, with a subframe running along the underneath of the pickup. This stays connected even when the snow plough is out of action.

The plough has a down-pressure system that keeps the blade hugging the road, says the company, and that helps direct as much of the vehicle’s weight to the front blade as possible.

Front blade widths include 153cm, 183cm, 203cm and 229cm models depending on the type of vehicle you plan to tack it on to. The latter two are better suited to Land Rover Defender-type vehicles, while the smaller two are designed for Suzuki Jimny-sized vehicles.

Not all pickups are suitable for the job, though – the Mitsubishi L200’s front end isn’t suited to carrying the plough. You can search the company’s website to establish whether the plough will be suitable for your vehicle.

The German-built subframe costs between £300-900 depending on the vehicle it is fitted to. The plough unit itself is more expensive – the 183cm wide version costs £4,900.

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