Combi-RT forklift perfect for poultry

The Combi-RT forklift, from Irish machinery manufacturer Combi-Lift, has been specially designed for use with poultry processing – specifically, transporting broiler birds to trucks when catching on farm.

The forklift mast is lower, making it easier for the machine to move inside broiler sheds to pick up crates of birds, while it has large-diameter tractor tyres and higher (300mm) ground clearance so it can move about on litter with limited disturbance. It has hydraulic three-wheel drive, a three-stage boom and selectable diff-lock, as well as 150mm side-shift, are all standard.

Currently, the forklift is being taken on by one of the UK’s largest poultry-catching companies, Keyo, which worked with Combi-Lift on its development.

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