Commercial-quality weather station should help show due diligence

Reckon wireless weather stations are all pretty much the same? Alistair Barron from Weather Front, a Sussex firm that sells several different makes of weather station, begs to differ.

While the £100 units widely on sale are pretty accurate and wonderfully feature-filled, he points out, farmers wanting to tick all the right boxes on the farm assurance/due diligence front may want to spend a bit more and go for a unit like the commercial-quality £600 Davis Vantage Pro2.

This unit, he says, is one of relatively few that claim to be manufactured to a specified degree of accuracy and will show that you’re being as rigorous as you can be without spending £6000-£7000 on a lab-spec unit.

For more details see our wireless weather station test from last year. Go to and scroll down until you come to Machinery Tests

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