Company offers RTK signal without a base station

North Yorkshire firm Dempsey Precision, which distributes US-made Autofarm GPS autosteer kit in the UK, is the latest firm to join the ever-growing throng of companies offering an ultra-precise RTK signal for use in precision farming that doesn’t require a base station.

Dempsey Precision’s AgSignal set-up uses a network system bases on the 80 Ordnance Survey masts to give a correction signal across the UK. Information is then sent via the GPRS mobile phone network to the tractor or combine in the field.

Put simply, the tractor’s position is calculated in relation to the nearest three OS masts and accuracy is said to be +/- 2cm. Once set up, there should be little reason for signal strength to alter provided the mobile phone signal is strong, says the company, as the data-only network gets priority over traditional mobile phone networks. Buyers can also fit an external antenna on the tractor or combine to boost signal strength.

AgSignal is ideal for those reluctant to commit to investing in their own RTK system as it doesn’t require a mobile base station. Subscription periods as short as three months are available, too.

The 2cm-accuracy Anywhere service costs about £1365/year, while the base service costs from £750/year. That means low investment costs for those wishing to use the system, says the firm’s Vince Dempsey. AgSignal is compatible with equipment from New Holland, John Deere, Claas, Agco and Trimble,

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