CPD points available as NRoSO annual training moves online

Farmers can bag eight NRoSO or Basis points by completing a new online Annual Training course.

The inevitable decision to run training online follows the cancellation of all face-to-face events, which has hampered operators’ efforts to bank the necessary annual points total.

Both arable and fruit versions of the two-hour course are available on the Ei Operator website.

They cost £30 and are available until 30 June 2021.

NRoSO members can sign up at any time in this period and have until 31 August to complete it.

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The arable segment contains four main areas – updates on the latest chemical approvals, tests and training guidance, tips on managing pest problems and advice on road rules.

Robert Lockhart, chairman of the NRoSO board, said while face-to-face training had to be cancelled, it’s important that operators can still access the CPD training resource.

“Many operators rely on the NRoSO Annual Training Event to gain their required CPD points.

“Regardless of the Covid-19 crisis, farming continues and operators still need to keep up to date with industry changes as well as comply with crop assurance requirements.

“This is why we have worked hard to continue to provide our members with the chance to meet their CPD commitment and gain their points in the most effective way.

“While we acknowledge online learning will not suit all operators, we have made the course as easily accessible as possible for the vast majority of people.”

Arable training topics

Current issues

  • Update the latest approvals and water protection

Tests and training

  • NSTS test results and tips to pass first time
  • Qualifications required to operate machine-mounted applicators
  • Best practice: filling and mixing
  • Best practice: rinsing and cleaning
  • Droplet sizes – retention, penetration and drift
  • Nozzle selection advice

Prevent pest trouble in store

  • Safe and effective ways to control in-store pests
  • Store pest identification
  • Rodent control measures and responsible rodenticide use

Safe and legal on the road

  • Road law and licence requirements
  • Trailer tests, widths, weight and speed limits
  • Roadworthiness requirements
  • Emergency procedures