Amazone pulls wraps off twin grain and fertiliser drill

German manufacturer Amazone has released details of its new grain and fertiliser combination drill, the Centaya-C.

Featuring a 2,000-litre twin hopper, which can be divided into ratios of 60:40 or 70:30, the drill allows for simultaneous seed sowing and fertiliser application in the same pass at speeds of up to 12kph.

The makers say this provides many benefits, including saving fuel and time, as well as improving seedling development.

Drills can be equipped with either a 400mm RoTec single-disc coulter, or the TwinTec double-disc arrangement spaced at 12.5cm or 15cm. The single disc allows two products to be applied through the same outlet, while the twin disc gives the option of different seed and fertiliser combinations to be distributed at two separate points.

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Adding the optional GreenDrill 200 small seeds applicator opens the door to simultaneously sowing a catch crop or separately applying small seeds to the soil surface via spreader plates.

The Centaya-C also works with a range of Amazone’s other products via the QuickLink coupling system. This allows for items such as the firm’s KE 02, KG or KX power harrows to be attached without using tools.

Models are available in 3m, 3.5m and 4m working widths, all of which feature Isobus control through a compatible tractor screen, or the firm’s Amatron 4 terminal. Its electronic metering units offer infinite rate adjustment from 0.5-400kg/ha and the ability to adjust seeding rates from the cab.

The drill can also be equipped with a quick-emptying device for faster changes of seed type.

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