Kult range extends Opico’s mechanical weeding options

Opico has widened its mechanical weed control line-up to include a new range of hoes from German firm Kult.

The Lincolnshire-based importer only added Hatzenbichler’s inter-row cultivators and comb harrows to its product list a year ago.

But while they are designed primarily for controlling weeds in broadacre crops, Kult’s kits are bespoke and can be adapted to work in a broader range of specialist crops.

The inter-row hoes can be equipped with various working tools, including A-shares and L-blades with tines positioned to suit narrow 10cm wheat crop row spacings.

These deal with weeds between the rows, but there is also an intra-row finger weeder for wiping out anything that pops up within the strips.

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The relatively simple design features pairs of plastic tined wheels either side of the row that work in tandem to pluck out weed seedlings.

Kult also offers a range of steerable headstocks. At the most basic level, customers can opt for manual guidance with an operator seated on the frame to steer the unit either mechanically or hydraulically.

Most buyers are expected to go for Tillett and Hague’s camera guidance, allowing the unit to work closer to the crop and at a higher speed.