New 9m mounted straw harrow from Claydon

British manufacturer Claydon has launched a 9m mounted straw harrow for 2022.

It will sit in the middle of the existing range of harrows, bridging the gap between the 7.5m mounted and 12.5m trailed models.

It can be worked at speeds of 15-25km/hour, with a minimum power requirement of 180hp.

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Figures from Claydon suggest that at 20km/hour, it will have an output of 12ha/hour, using about one litre of fuel a hectare.

The harrow comes with 75 double tines, each 14mm in diameter, and can be hydraulically adjusted from the tractor cab.

For particularly tricky soil types, 16mm tines are also available, though these will come with an added cost.  

A steel framework and hydraulic rams on each wing allow the mechanism to fold into a neat 2.99×3.55m package when travelling.

It weighs in at 1,850kg and is compatible with a Cat3 linkage.

It will be available to buy for £19,995.


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