Spaldings launches easy trailer hitch and chopping roller

If your pickup truck isn’t posh enough to have fancy reversing camera to help lining up with a trailer, a quick-hitch guide from Spaldings may be a cheaper alternative to avoid dented rear bumpers.

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The flared angled edges of the guide sit between the ball hitch and the rear bumper, and as long as you’re a pretty decent shot with the ball, the edges will catch the trailer’s nose and guide it straight on to the tow ball. Then it’s just the simple process of connecting the trailer in the usual way.

There’s an added benefit for trailer test (B+E) candidates as the quick hitch can be used as an aid during the test.

Spaldings offers five different quick hitch products, including a model with folding edges to allow tailgates to be used, starting at £90.

Geacut roller

Also new from the parts supplier is a trailed serrated roller built by Sacho Land Solutions and designed to scythe down cover crops before direct drilling.

The Geacut is a folding implement with three serrated rollers available in a 6m width only. It weighs 5,210kg but can be water ballasted to 7,020kg to provide extra cultivation on heavy soils or to penetrate through dense swards.

Geacut 600 chopping roller

Instead of being a drawbar connection, the Geacut attaches to the lower link arms to allow tighter turns on headlands and hug ground contours.

Rapid speeds of 30kph are possible due to the large rubber doughnut-style bushes, which reduce the shock impact between the outer wings and the frame, preventing the bearings from shaking themselves to bits.

As well as cover crop bashing, Spaldings says long maize or OSR stubble can also be tamed with the roller, which has full-width replaceable steel blades.

A tug of 150hp is needed on the front and you should expect to pay about £28,000 for the Geacut.