Dale Drills launches new mounted drill

Lincolnshire drill maker Dale Drills (previously known as John Dale) launched its first mounted drill offering at Cereals.

The MTD drill gets narrow, low-draft tungston-tipped tines, but adopts the same seed knife as the existing min- or no-till Eco-Drill. This lighter and easier-to-pull machine still boasts good penetration, but slightly less than the direct drills offer, and is ideal instead for less trashy conventional seed-beds and lower hp tractors, says the company’s James Dale. All models are mounted and fitted with a 1.2t tank, and the 3m version, when loaded, weighs 1.9t. It’s available from 3m to 8m and can be fitted with electric metering, eradicator tines and following harrow options. Prices start at £15,000 and the 4.8m version shown here costs £21,000.

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