Danish company aims to get UK contracting businesses online

Two Danish brothers have launched a website that gives farm contractors the chance to advertise their services to potential customers.

Farm Backup is free to use for contractors and farmers with the website providing year-round advertising at no extra cost. However, stumping up an annual fee of £1,100 will get your business promoted on Facebook, too.

The company, founded by Anders and Søren Knudsen, says fewer than 45% of agricultural contractors in the UK have a website, while only 20% of those are smartphone and tablet friendly, which limits their audience.

Screenshot of Farm Backup interface

Detail of the Farm Backup online interface

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The free-to-use website lets businesses set up their own profile, quoting the prices they charge alongside the services they offer and location they work in.

Anders and Søren Knudsen stand in front of a combine

Farm Backup founders Anders (left) and Søren (right) Knudsen

Farm Backup first launched in Denmark last year and now gets more than 15,000 hits to the site every month.

After its first day of being live in the UK, 20 agricultural contractors had already punched in their particulars, which is a promising start.

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