Deere launches new basic 6M-series

John Deere has replaced most of its popular 85-155hp 6030 Standard Range series tractors with a new range called the 6M. The lowlier machines like the 85hp 6130, 95hp 6230 and 105hp 6330 remain on sale until the end of 2013, but the rest of the range will be going.

In their place comes the 6M Series, which goes from the 115hp 6115M to the 170hp 6170M. Incidentally, the top-dog 6170 is the most powerful four-cylinder tractor Deere has ever produced. It’s capable of being ballasted up to 8.1t, too, making it a fairly heavy-duty performer.

The range is also quite varied, straddling three frame sizes (with 2.58m, 2.76m and 2.8m wheelbases) and including both four and six-cylinder engines.

Transmissions for the various models range from PowrQuad and Autoquad 16/16m 20/20 and 24/24 powershifts and the EcoShift mode pegs back revs at 40kph to keep things tranquil in the cab.

In the hydraulics department, four-cylinder models get an 80 litres/min system, but this can be upgraded to 114 litres/minute pressure that is standard on six-cylinder models.

The cab has been updated too, with a more ergonomic right hand console, a new dash

Other options include the ability to accommodate larger tyre sizes up to 2m diameter, an ex-factory front hitch and pto and a choice of front loaders. There’s also a basic headland management system that allows you to automate several functions automatically.

The first machines are expected to arrive on farm in mid-January 2013.

John Deere 6M tractors
Model Cyls Rated power Wheelbase Lift Fuel tank Price
6115M 4 115hp 2.58m 4,900kg 220 litres £55,782
6125M 4 125hp 2.58m 4,900kg 220 litres £59,702
6130M 4 130hp 2.76m 5,600kg 345 litres £63,011
6140M 4 140hp 2.76m 6,300kg 345 litres £67,409
6150M 6 150hp 2.76m 6,500kg 355 litres £74,454
6170M 6 170hp 2.8m 7,000kg 405 litres £81,682

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  •  John Deere 6M
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