Derwent ups tractor security with GPS front-axle lock

Wolverhampton company Derwent Lock and Security says its latest tractor/telehandler anti-theft system combines a Block Stem front axle/steering-wheel lock with a GPS tracking system.

If tampered with, forced or struck, the lock will send out an SMS alert to two separate numbers as well as providing a backup email.

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Combining the two features means that insurance companies get an audited paper trail to prove that the lock has been put on to the equipment, says the company, and also alerts owners of the plant that there has been an attempt to steal the kit.

The Block Stem is made in two sections from heavy-duty steel and quickly slots together over the hydraulic steering axle ram of any self-propelled machine. It’s locked in place with a unique key when the wheels are at full lock.

It’s ideal for securing container storage, farm buildings and gates, says the company, and is approved by all major insurance companies. 

Steering lock prices start at £240.

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