Deutz-Fahr shows simple combine

Deutz-Fahr’s latest 6040 combine is aimed at farmers cutting 250-300ha a year who want a simple, largely mechanical machine and have tended to buy second-hand in the past.

Made in D-F’s Croatian factory, it’s based on the same chassis as the bigger 6060, but has a revised version of the Commander cab. It has a single threshing drum without a rethresher and tends to keep things simple by having levers rather than buttons.

Hydrostatic drive is standard and there’s a grain loss monitor. Typical output is 20t/hour and with a 5.4m header it costs £108,000.

Like other makers, Deutz Fahr says that it has seen increased demand for smaller combines in the last 12 months. This is driven partly by higher grain prices but also because of the high costs of second-hand machines.

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