Dickey-John control keeps drills straight

Dickey-John’s IntelliAg MVT control system, sold by Cambridgeshire precision farming specialist AS Communications, claims to provide a flexible control system that can be easily expanded.

It’s a two-channel control system for drills and planters, which allows two separate products to be applied while simultaneously monitoring up to 84 seed sensors for individual row performance and population. Not just that, the system also gives manual individual row section control and can be used as a planter population monitor only.

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It comes with a high-definition 10.9cm display, rotary dial and eight keys for easy operation and set-up. In-cab operations include programming, material selection, rate change and optional row control.

Different seed monitor views such as seed multiples, population and seed skips are also available.

It uses an external planter control module (PCM) that mounts externally to an implement.

The PCM can also be used as the main module in an Isobus system to accept other member modules and accommodate extra seed sensors for drills and planters larger than 12 rows.

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