Dribble bar can cope with slurry with straw in it

Suffolk slurry handling specialist Tramspread will be showing a new 6m dribble bar fitted with a macerator to handle slurry that has silage and straw in it at next month’s Dairy Event and Livestock Show on 16 and 17 September.

The unit has 18 dribble outlets spaced at 31cm intervals and can be changed to a twin-outlet system giving a 12m spreading width. A flow meter can be fitted, too, if an exact application rate is needed.

Flow rate is up to 132cu m/hour and a swinging arm coupling (mounted at the front of the machine) allows easy turning at headlands and reduces the chance of overspreading.

Tramspread boss Terry Baker said: “Our previous model of dribble bar worked extremely well, but this new version with a macerator fitted allows us to more effectively handle slurry which has been contaminated with silage and straw. The output is more consistent and the distribution to the dribble bar is regular, which results in a very even flow and spread.”

Cost is £5900 for the tanker-mount version and £7200 for use with an umbilical system.


Hexa-CoverTramspread is also now importing the novel Danish Hexa-Cover tiled cover for slurry lagoons, pits and tanks. This involves “pouring on” recycled 220mm-wide plastic tiles, which automatically arrange themselves to form a closed cover which eliminates evaporation, organic growth, emissions and odour. But they do not keep out rainwater.

Once in place, access to the slurry or other fluid is easily gained, as the floating tiles can be pushed aside by the pump, hose or mixer. When the equipment is removed the tiles will reorganise themselves and close the opening. Once installed there is no supervision needed, no operating costs and no repairs.

Cost is about £30/sq m.


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