Drop-well trailer now comes in fast-tow form

George McNeil now has a road-going fast-tow version of his drop-well tipping trailer to run behind 4x4s and pick-ups.

The chassis is a standard ladder-frame arrangement with tandem axles, independent trailing-arm suspension and inertia brakes but the sculpted body sets the trailer apart from others on the market.

By adopting a profile that drops down between the wheels, it reduces the centre of gravity significantly when compared with other similar-sized tipping trailers where the flat-deck body sits above the wheels.

The key advantage is obviously stability but it also means pallets, round-bales, IBC tanks and other items cannot slide about during transit. The body will hold over 3.5cu m and weighs 940kg empty. The rig has a carrying capacity of over 2.5t for legal road use behind a Land Rover.

With an on-board 12V hydraulic powerpack, the trailer can tip using the vehicle’s electrical supply or can be plumbed directly into the back of a tractor. It costs £3,950.

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