Eastern counties saw most tractor sales in 2013

Farmers in the east of the UK bought more tractors than any other region in 2013, according to the Agricultural Engineers Association. They purchased a total of 1,945 tractors, slightly ahead of farmers in the south west of the country who bought 1,791 tractors.

Next in the ranking were Scottish farmers, who bought a total of 1,581 tractors and farmers in the north west of the country, who bought 1,349 tractors. Welsh farmers came in next with 1,198 tractors bought, followed by those in the south east, who bought 987 tractors.

Other parts of the country posted smaller sales. Yorkshire and Humberside farmers bought 890 tractors, not bad considering that’s only two counties, while producers in the West Midlands bought 696 tractors and those in the East Midlands bought 641 tractors.

Heading down the list, farmers in Northern Ireland bought 548 tractors, just pipping the home counties and London (not that many are bought in the latter area) who bought 544, while the north-east brought up the rear in sales terms with 328 tractors sold.

The biggest drops in sales in 2013 were the north east (down 22% on 2012), West Midlands (down 21.2%), Northern Ireland (down 18%) and East Midlands (down 14.6%)