EuroTier 2010: Weda makes sourcing parts easy

An identification system for machinery parts based on QR-codes is to be launched at EuroTier by one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of livestock feeding, manure handling and biogas equipment.

From now on, Weda from Lutten in Lower Saxony is marking all its machinery and equipment parts with individual QR codes for rapid scanning.

“Even with the help of service books, we’ve found that identifying the exact spare part over the phone is often frustratingly imprecise, leading to errors and prolonged downtime,” explains Weda’s Carsten Bergstedt. “Introducing QR codes means mobile phones can be used to photograph and send the code to service points. Alternatively, free software is available from us which uses the code to access online service information, or channel the customer on to a website specialising in the particular piece of machinery involved.”

The system will also be active in Britain with Weda machinery before the end of this year, according to the company.

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