Extra output claimed for Variant’s relaunched chamber round balers

Claas has updated its Variant variable chamber round-balers – an upgrade that the company claims has significantly increased output potential.

Most significant changes – aside from the addition of curvy fibreglass panels – include a switch from five belts to four and speed increase for the driveline.

The four wider belts are said to be able to exert a more even pressure on the bale and are less susceptible to slippage and twisting. Claas Variant

The faster driveline speed means that bale rotation is quicker and so material is applied in thinner, dense layers.

A “soft core” setting allows operators to produce a lighter bale centre.

To handle these greater speeds and increased bale pressure, the roller and main components are driven by stronger 32mm (11/4 in) chain and sprockets.

RotoCut models are fitted with a 14-knife chopper unit which uses a spiral rotor to draw crop over the bank of stationary blades and propel it into the chamber.

A new control box gives in-cab control of bale diameter, density and status.

It also has a non-erasable hour and total bale counter to give potential second-hand buyers an idea of machine condition.
Output for the standard model in straw is said to be about 28t/hour or 65-70 bales/hour.