Skee-Tex and Muck Boot unveil new welly boot ranges

Skee-Tex has unveiled a new lightweight welly boot with extra insulation for plodding around farm yards in the winter.

Welly boots

Its Ultralight Tuff Boots come with a stiff insole and sock lining that provides better thermal performance – the company suggests farmers can stay chilblain-free down to temperatures as low as -30C – and can be washed periodically.

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The toe area offers some protection, but it’s not a safety boot with a steel-toe cap, and the foamy finish is apparently acid resistant.

Asking price is £44.95.

A farmer shovelling muck in welly boots

Muck Boot has also launched a new range of Chore Gamekeeper Tall Boots.

The footwear is lined with 5mm neoprene and also has a breathable air mesh lining to provide a degree of ventilation while staying waterproof.

Prices start at £105.