Stihl’s Bluetooth headphones give farmers cable-free music

To help while away the hours on tedious brushcutting or mowing duties, Stihl has come up with a set of ear defenders featuring wireless headphones.

The Dynamic BT protectors operate via Bluetooth, meaning no cables are required and they’re compatible with most makes of smartphone and tablet.

However, for those that prefer old-school cables, there’s still the option of a plug-in 3.5mm AUX connection.

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Stihl also added a microphone so the user can make and receive calls without having to remove them.

A pair of Stihl Dynamic BT earphones

This and all other functions are controlled via three buttons on the headphone cans.

The in-built battery lasts about 38 hours and can be recharged using a standard USB cable, which is included.

List price is £85 and they are available through most Stihl dealers. Online prices start at about £70.