Goliath farm gate lock helps stop unwanted guests

Oxfordshire-based Solar Gate Systems has introduced a new ‘Goliath’ lock to work with its range of automatic solar-powered gates.

The electrically actuated locking mechanism has a hefty 2,000lbs of clamping force and only requires an electrical feed to work.

If this feed becomes broken by thieves trying to gain access, the Goliath latch will lock shut rather than open like magnetic fixings.

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There is no need to bury cables below ground either, as the lock is installed to the gate rather than the striker post.

Goliath farm gate lock

Energy is drawn from the solar-powered opener, with the cable hidden in tubular gate frames or tacked alongside a solid gate.

Handily, the latching mechanism offers a 75mm tolerance to help with repeatable accuracy every time the gate shuts.

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