Handheld kit monitors biodiesel level in farm fuels

Farmers worried about the concentration of biodiesel in their fuel stores can now get their own handheld testing system.

The firm that makes the new SetaCheck Biodiesel, Stanhope Seta, says it can provide an on-site measurement of biodiesel blends in less than a minute.

This could help make sure the fuel meets regulatory limits and catch iffy batches before they wreak havoc with machinery filters and engines.

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The testing element uses mid-infrared technology to analyse a 2ml sample and has a measurement range of 0.1-40% biodiesel.

There’s apparently no need for technical skills or laboratory conditions, and calibration is done via computer software.

The rechargeable battery will manage more than 100 tests on a single charge.

However, it might be worth clubbing together with a few neighbouring businesses to buy one, as the asking price is just under £3,000.