Kubota unveils 210hp five-litre engine

Kubota has managed to squeeze 210hp from its biggest four-cylinder engine to date, the V5009.

The Japanese maker hopes its relatively compact 5.018-litre turbo-diesel will offer an appealing alternative to larger 6- and 7-litre engines in tractor, sprayers and forestry machinery. 

It features direct injection combustion and common rail fuel systems, a high-pressure supply pump, optimised water jacket and a ladder frame structure to minimise noise. 

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Perkins offers cylinder repair sleeves for 1100-series engines

Perkins has introduced a range of repair sleeves to fit any of its popular 1100-series engines manufactured since 2003.

By restoring the bores to their factory dimensions, these offer a comparatively cheap and quick alternative to a full engine overhaul.

This means the original, standard-sized pistons can be retained and proper engine balance is maintained.

Plus, they’re composed of the same material as the engine block to match the wear, thermal and machining characteristics.

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