Ultrasonic mouse deterrent keeps rodents out of machinery

Bedfordshire firm Wilderness Lighting has taken on the UK distribution of an ultrasonic mouse deterrent for use in farm vehicles.


The Mouse Blocker is designed to prevent damage in stored machinery such as combines and foragers, where belts, electrics and wiring often fall foul of nesting rodents.

It works by releasing an ultra-high-frequency noise that is inaudible to humans but the equivalent of a jackhammer to mice. Acoustic pressure is rated at 85dB.

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Power is taken from the vehicle’s 12v battery, so there is no need to worry about leaking flashlight batteries or extension codes. Drain on the battery is estimated to be less than 1W, too.

The classic version costs £49.95.

The company also sells anti-rodent insulated repair tape laced with capsaicin from hot chilli peppers.

This can be used to provide a barrier for sensitive vehicle wiring – apparently mice particularly dislike spicy food.

It costs £24.95/roll.


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