McConnel adds bigger 72- and 77-series to Power Arm range

McConnel has bulked out the upper reaches of its Power Arm hedgecutter range with two new models running from 5.5m to 7m.

Like the smaller 67-series launched last year, the 72- and 77-series come with a 70hp hydraulic system as standard.

However, opting for the bigger version opens the option of speccing a punchier 85hp setup, and it also gets larger diameter pivot pins to handle a heavier workload.

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Integrated debris blower for hedgecutter

Integrated debris blower for Power Arm hedgecutter © McConnel

Among the handful of notable changes are a redesigned 180-litre hydraulic tank, a two-piece rear guard to improve service access, and an impact-resistant plastic top cover that reduces debris and moisture ingress.

Arm options comprise a straight 5.5m or 6m, telescopics that extend to 6.5m or 7m, and two with variable forward reach (VFR) that match the straight versions but allow operators to position the rotor alongside the cab for better visibility.

On the end, buyers can choose from the usual ruck of heads, including 1.2m, 1.5m and 1.6m flails, saws and cutterbars.

Common features include the firm’s “hy-reach” and parallel arm geometry, 100deg of hydraulic power slew, and electric rotor control with soft-start engagement.

An integrated debris blower can also be mounted within the rear guard to clear any roadside material, and improve cooling by drawing fresh air over the tank and pump.

Like the firm’s other Power Arm models, the 72- and 77-series can be had with one of three control packages.

The entry-level Motion system caters for the cheaper end of the market with basic proportional control, there’s the mid-range Evolution joystick and, at the top, the Revolution setup with integrated screen.

All are built on a heavy-duty mainframe with three-point linkage, four-point hitch or five-point axle mounting configurations.

Minimum tractor size is 100hp and 4,000kg, depending on the reach and specification of the trimmer.

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