Electric oil pump makes for mess-free lubricant top-ups

An Australian firm has come up with an ultra-clean means of filling engines with lubricants and coolant.

Rather than the messy combination of manual pump, jugs and funnels, Macnaught’s garage-grade 18V battery-operated pump – called Bop – runs liquid through a 1.5m hose to a trigger nozzle.

This should avoid spillages when filling, and a cap on the end stops any dribbling once the job is finished.

The company offers different stems – the bit that attaches to and pokes into the container – to suit gear oils, engine oils and coolants of particular viscosities. The idea is to have one stem for each lubricant grade to minimise cross-contamination. Attachments are available for 20- and 25-litre containers and 60-litre drums.

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The 2Ah lithium-ion battery is good for 105 litres/charge, making it handy for mobile workshops, and has a delivery rate of up to 3.5 litres/min. Recharging the battery takes an hour.

The kit is sold in the UK by Redashe, based in Aldershot, Hampshire. A pump and single stem kit is £275, with further stems priced at £110.75. Coolant-specific plumbing is a little more expensive, at £119.75.

JCB being filled with oil

© Macnaught

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