iLevel app helps monitor tank volumes

A second generation of the iLevel electronic tank monitoring system has been launched with upgrades designed to match the latest versions of smartphones and tablets.

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Key features include all stock levels from fuel, oil and fertiliser tanks, which can be viewed remotely and ordered on smartphones, while the secure webpage allows the rearranging of tanks from lowest or highest level listed first.

iLevel app

iLevel monitoring system provides farmers with accurate information on the contents of bulk storage tanks.

Nominated suppliers can be added to the ‘get a quote’ function to help farmers quickly get quotes from up to three providers and buying groups and then place an order once a chosen party has been selected.

Warning level alerts can be set up at when the tanks reach 50% and 25% full and the iLevel app also helps with security, as any significant changes in the tank levels will send email and text alerts to the user.

Existing users will automatically get the new features when upgrading to the latest version of the app.

Annual costs for iLevel sit at £80/tank/year for the licence fee, plus a £24/year charge for the network, app access and secure webpage for monitoring levels.

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