Norbar’s cordless torque multiplier gets task documentation

Banbury-based torque tool specialist Norbar used the Commercial Vehicle Show to demonstrate its battery-powered torque multipliers, the smallest of which is capable of accurately cranking up bolts to anything from 160Nm to 1,350Nm.

Though it’s a pretty specialist tool, plenty of big contractors will be keen to have a means of quickly checking and tightening tractor and trailer wheel nuts, and the built-in software means it’s possible to document the process, too.

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A digital screen on the back of the battery housing allows the operator to set the desired torque and specify the number of nuts on each wheel to ensure none are missed.

Each task is date- and time-stamped and the name of the employee can be added so that all work is documented. This evidence of maintenance may be helpful should something subsequently go wrong on the machine.

It runs off a 5Ah lithium-ion battery, weighs 6kg and costs £8,000 – which obviously limits its appeal to fairly professional workshops.

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