Rappa launches simple weighing and clamping systems

Rappa has developed two new mobile race systems designed to help fast sheep processing in the field.

First up, the RaceWeigh module allows on-site weighing and three-way drafting of animals for fast sorting of stock.

Made from aluminium to make it easy to shift around, its flared and railed gates promote exit flow and anti-jump bars help avoid sheep injury.

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Optional extras include an electronic weighing system and an EID reader. The modular design makes it easy to connect up to existing Rappa mobile sheep yards, too.

Prices for the RaceWeigh start at £1,995.

The second product – RaceGrip – is the first modular clamp system on the market with the patented double-grip that requires no manual adjustment.

The scissor-grip automatically adjusts to any size of animal, including lambs, and low gradient entrance and exit ramps, along with smooth grip panels, help reduce stress on the sheep.

There is also a shearing pole for dagging equipment and a hand rest for clippers when not in use.

Prices start from £1,790.