Shoulder Sink develops simple mobile handwash system

Vets, mechanics and machinery operators regularly getting their hands dirty a long way from any washing facilities might like the look of the Danish-made Shoulder Sink.

The compact kit can be mounted in a van, pickup, tractor or combine, allowing quick off-site clean-ups without relying on access to a mains water supply.

Slotted into the box is a 4.7-litre cold water tank, which begins to pour steadily through the gravity-fed nozzle of the flexible hose – the sort you would typically find supplying coolant to a lathe – as soon as it is nudged below the waterline.

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The beauty of this setup, say Shoulder Sink, is that it can be completed using an elbow, avoiding touching anything with mucky hands.

And because it works without an electric pump or heater element, it’s as simple as it gets.

The company reckons it could last for upwards of 30 handwashes if users are economical with the water by limiting each use to a couple of seconds.

Also housed in the unit are two dispensers, for soap and lotion, sanitiser or sunscreen, and it comes with a powder-coated steel mounting bracket.

Various colour options are available, and it costs £189.

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