Stihl PS 3000 battery power pack replaces petrol generators

A quiet and fume-free alternative to fossil-fuelled generators has been introduced in the form of Stihl’s PS 3000 battery-powered 230V supply.

Boasting a 3.6kW output and 2.1kWh energy content, the portable device can be used to run equipment such as pressure washers, vacuums and lighting rigs.

It will also replenish batteries for smaller cordless tools and, as no fumes are emitted, it can be safely used indoors.

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Electric output from the pack is delivered as a pure sine wave, which Stihl says is identical to the current produced by the grid.

This means users should get the same level of performance as if they were plugged into the mains.

There’s also a boost mode that can increase output by up to 250% for tools that require high initial starting currents.

To help it withstand the rigours of working outdoors and in dirty environments, the PS 3000 is water and dust resistant.

The 19.8kg device is also mounted in a sturdy frame with carry handles that make it easy to move around.

Run time will vary according to the amount of load put on the pack, but Stihl does publish a recharging time of about three hours.

Retail price is £3,166.

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