FW Inventions Competition 2021: Stan Roberts’ ladder levelling device

Simple category third place

Inventor Stan Roberts, who counts a clever tractor quick hitch among his list of creations, returns to this year’s Inventions Competition with his Stayball ladder levelling safety device.

Horrified by the number of injuries caused by falls from ladders, he set about developing a means of shoring up a standard extension ladder on sloping ground.

To achieve it, he attached an additional bottom rail to the base of the ladder, to which he fastened a ball hitch.

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This fits into a socket on the base plate, which is made of a light alloy channel with a rubber insert to improve grip. With the ball slotted into the socket, two stabilising chains are attached using rock climbing-style karabiner clips to tensioners on either side at top of the first ladder section. These can then be tightened to keep the ladder level and rigid.

The device can be adapted to ladders of different sizes by altering the lengths of the base plate and chains.

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