FW Inventions Competition 2023: Robert Laird’s rollover sheep crate

Third place in the simple category of the 2023 Farmers Weekly Inventions Competition went to Robert Laird for his Cambwell Easy Loader.

South Lanarkshire farmer Mr Laird, of Cambwell Texels, has devised an innovative sheep crate that makes it easier to invert ewes before placing them in an artificial insemination cradle.

The key element is an inclined roller on one side. Ewes are pushed against this, causing them to flip onto their backs and into the cradle positioned alongside.

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The crate is designed to sit at the end of a race and has a concertina entry gate, a solid end panel to keep the ewe’s head up, and a slatted wooden floor.

Other features include a shallow panel on the left that drops down for easier lifting and a board on the right that lowers on pulleys to expose the roller.

It’s also been galvanised to make sure it lasts.

Such has been its success that Mr Laird has given it a name, the Cambwell Easy Loader, and begun making versions to sell to other farmers.

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