Irrigation ramp keeps water flowing and traffic moving

A Lincolnshire-based engineering firm has developed a novel solution for routing irrigation pipe across busy roadways without halting traffic. 

JH and W Skinns was enlisted by a local farmer to build a ramp that could keep the water moving, but allow all kinds of vehicles, including agricultural machinery, to cross.

The fabricator used 150x100mm box section to house the pipes underneath the ramp. This is a larger diameter than the irrigation pipe to prevent any flow restrictions.

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Irrigation ramp

Flat-edge steel (100x10mm) was used underneath the 5mm tread plate and four lifting eyes – two at either end – double as securing rings when the ramp is in position. Four 600mm pegs are then hammered through them to stop it moving.

The customer requested two ramps – a 6.8m-wide unit to cover a 6m road and a smaller 4.8m version to straddle a 4m span. The extra length at either end allows for the pegs to be whacked into soft ground.

All irrigation fittings were sourced from Javelin Irrigation in Louth and, since tweeting a picture of them, Skinns has had three more enquiries.

The larger ramp is £1,700 and the smaller model is £1,100.

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