Win a cash prize for your innovative workshop ideas

If you have built something in the farm workshop that has saved you time, money or hassle, it is time to enter Farmers Weekly‘s Farm Inventions Competition.

The total prize pot for this year is £2,550 – the winners will bag £500, runners-up get £250 and third-place finishers take home £100, with the results decided by a panel of journalists and farmers.

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ATV ramps built by Alastair and Stephen Maxwell © Alastair Maxwell

Entries are split into three categories: simple, intermediate and complex.

Simple Items that took a day or so to knock together and are fairly basic in the way they work, but still save time or money.

Intermediate Anything more complicated, perhaps with a simple form of hydraulic or electrical system.

Complex Inventions that have taken significant time to design and build. They usually involve an engine or fairly complicated combination of electrics and hydraulics.

Who is eligible to enter?

Farmers, contractors, farm managers and workers are welcome.

What if I have entered my design in other competitions?

You are still welcome to enter.

Will you feature the winners?

All nine prize-winning inventions will be featured, along with the best of the rest, in Farmers Weekly magazine and online.

Many of the machines that you see on the stands at shows such as Lamma start life in the farm workshop, so it’s a great opportunity to get your ideas in the shop window.

How do I enter?

Just email brief details of what the machine is and how it works to

You will also need to attach a couple of good-quality pictures and a contact phone number so we can get in touch.

Closing date for entries is 27 January 2023.

Andrew Patchett's trailer

Andrew Patchett’s sheep trailer © Andrew Patchett

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