Farmers Weekly’s 2015 Inventions Competition winners

This year’s Farm Inventions competition was packed full of bright ideas conceived in the farm workshop.

Entries flooded in from all corners of the country and included everything from simple fencing tools and sheep handling kit to hefty cultivators and complex drills.

As always, the format of the competitions remains the same, with entries falling into three categories: simple, intermediate and complex.

Simple machines are those that took a day or so to knock together. Intermediate ones involve a bit more time and thought. The complex category covers those impressive inventions that have taken days, weeks or even years to design and build.

See the category winners below and for more on the winners, runners up and our best picks of the competition see the full feature: The best farm machinery inventions of 2015.

The winners


  • Winner – Rod Cowlin’s OSR drill
  • Runner-up – Phil Manford’s ABS trailer brakes
Winner of the Complex Category: Rod Cowlin's OSR drill

Winner of the Complex Category: Rod Cowlin’s OSR drill


  • Winner – Simon Walter’s cultivator
  • Runner-up – Carl Studley’s straw spreader
Intermediate winner: Simon Water's subsoiler power harrow

Intermediate winner: Simon Water’s subsoiler power harrow


  • Winner – Cyril Patterson’s fencing system
  • Runner-up – Meredith George’s grain dryer
Simple category winner: Cyril Patterson's fencing tool

Simple category winner: Cyril Patterson’s fencing tool

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