Finnish-made Avant loaders get flagship model

Thetford-based Avant Tecno has added the Finnish-made 760i compact tool carrier to its range.

This is said to give good performance for its size and can work with its engine set at low rpm because maximum torque is on tap from almost the idle position.

It is still a compact unit, measuring just 3,080mm in length and 1,400 mm in width. Power comes from a Kohler KDI engine developing 57hp. Compared with Avant’s previous range-topping 750, the new model is said to offer 20% more engine power, 40% more torque and 20% lower fuel consumption.

A new 16-valve engine uses a high pressure, common-rail fuel injection system plus a turbocharger, intercooler, cooled exhaust gas recirculation and a diesel oxidation catalyst. The hydrostatic transmission offers a maximum travel speed of 30kph and the machine is said to be highly stable thanks to larger, wider tyres.

Its auxiliary hydraulic system is able to supply a flow of up to 80 litres/min for powering attachments.

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