Fogbloc smoke generator helps prevent workshop thefts

Farmers who have exhausted all the conventional means of theft prevention have another relatively low-cost option to consider – smoking the enemy out.

Working on the basis that thieves can’t steal what they can’t see, the Fogbloc system will fill an enclosed space with non-toxic smoke that will last for up to an hour, depending on draft and ventilation.

A single cartridge is adequate for a 120-200cu m workshop, but several units can be combined for bigger areas.

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The advantage of this system, says Fogbloc, is that it can actually prevent thefts.

Comparatively, the standard combination of alarms and CCTV still gives thieves a short time window to grab tools and other items before making off, leaving the owners with a grainy image of the perpetrator that is unlikely to lead to the recovery of the equipment. 

The smoke generator can be paired with a standard alarm system, so it fires when the siren is activated. 

However, the company also offers a complete kit that includes a wireless GSM control panel with a passive infrared sensor and two door or window sensors.

This has a 110dB mini siren and digital voice announcer and, with a SIM card fitted, can alert the owner to any activity. An internal battery means it will still work in case of a power cut.

The full kit, including the alarm, costs £295, while the single Fogbloc smoke generators are £149. This includes a single dry cartridge, with replacements charged at £99/pair.

The company says this is significantly cheaper than traditional smoke generators that use a more complicated wet liquid system that makes them large and expensive.

The typical cost of one of these is £1,300-£2,500, which means they’re only really suitable for high-end retailers and banks.

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