Forst tracked woodchipper munches 8in timber

Wood chippers are luxuries for most farmers, chippers on tracks are really only for professionals. But if you’re constantly hiring in machines to chomp up tree work off-cuts, then it may be cheaper to buy one, and if it’s on tracks, then it can go anywhere.

The new Forst XR8 Traxion – designed by 3form design – is aimed at users who work on tricky slopes and soggy soils, when a heavier, less mobile wheeled machine would sink out of sight.

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The 50hp Kubota diesel engine powers the 8in capacity of the in-feed rollers, with the top roller climbing up over the timber to drag it into the open-topped flywheel, which consists of twin 10in blades to destroy the incoming lengths.

It’s no pond-skater weighing 2,075kg, almost double that of its wheeled brother at 1,250kg, but having a set of tracks to spread that weight mean it should tread lighter than the wheeled version, while a set of ear defenders are a must to deal with the 122dba level.


A bank of levers, with a platform for the operator, move the machine into position, with all chipper setting controlled from a fully vibration and waterproof touchpad, which also keeps you up to date with maintenance intervals.

An in-built Traxion bank system allows slopes of 35deg to be scaled, while the hydraulic legs help keep everything stable when working. The direct drive hydraulic system is taken straight from the engine, meaning there’s plenty of grunt to climb over stumps and brash.

Forst offer a three-year, no-quibble guarantee with every new chipper sold, although there is no word on price.

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