Four-wheel steering for new Damman sprayer

It won’t be quite in time to make it to LAMMA, but for anyone wanting acre-gobbling workrates, this new Unimog-based Dammann self-propelled sprayer could be just the ticket. Imported by Chantry-Dammann UK, the DT500 is built on a Unimog U500 chassis and has four-wheel steer for the first time.

Other features include a 4,500-litre tank, 60-litre induction hopper and a three-section, folding 36m boom. The outer sections of the boom are made of aluminium. It can also spray at 24m, 30m and 32m widths.

The all-new cab for 2012 is purpose-built by Dammann and has a sliding door, better visibility, more driver comfort and better access for servicing and maintenance. Auto transmission with eight forward and six reverse gears is fitted, as well as an additional low-range set.

The side-mounted radiator is positioned to reduce the risk of it becoming blocked with debris, says the company. The U500 also has all-round coil spring suspension with telescopic shock absorbers, stabilisers and portal axles with rear differential locking.

Pneumatic high-pressure spray-line purging is standard and ensures all liquids are removed to avoid the danger of freezing in low temperatures. The spray tank apparently also has a smooth, polished interior to allow easier and more effective cleaning.

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