Fraser rises from the ashes

THE FRASER range of trailers, muckspreaders and grain mills is to be resurrected.

Suffolk-based Hunton Legg has bought the manufacturing rights to the equipment from Scottish forestry machinery firm EFM.

Production of Fraser Muck Master rotary barrel spreaders is set to begin in March.

Trailers and other products will be re-introduced later in 2005, produced at Hunton Legg‘s Hemingstone factory near Ipwich.

Hunton Legg currently produces Brian Legg trailers and versions of the original Howard Rotaspreader and Dowdeswell Multispreader.

The company also acts as a distributor for the FAD range of agricultural axles and trailer running gear.

Where some might see the product ranges clashing, Legg management is keen to point out the added potential that the new products bring.

“Brian Legg trailers sell well here in East Anglia but we don‘t have nationwide dealer coverage,” points out Mark Legg, managing director of Hunton Legg.

“Fraser equipment has always had a strong following in Scotland and the West and this is something we intend to capitalise on, spreading our sales base further and wider.”

• Dumfrieshire-based EFM retains the rights to products from Fraser‘s sister-company Grays of Fetterangus. Rollers, buckrakes and bale-handling equipment will be available for the 2005 season.

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